billionphotos-1882983Plumbing issues occur more frequently than you would imagine in everyday life so that’s why it’s a smart idea to have a skilled plumber you can trust. Of course, some small plumbing problems can be fixed yourself, but the bigger issues require a contracted plumbers’ attention. Consider these things when deciding to hire a plumber...


1. The Plumber You Hire Should Be Licensed

Along with being licensed the plumber most also be insured and bonded. Their license number should be clearly displayed on their vehicle as well as mentioned in advertisements. The license ensures that they are a qualified and genuine plumber. Always hire a plumber from a reputable plumbing company like Proven Plumbing because they will be more likely to provide service if a plumbing emergency should arise.

2. Experience Is Key with Any Plumber

Just because a plumber has a license, does not mean they are well experienced. The more experience, the better because it shows the quality skills they posses to get the job done with not only efficiency, but quality. Although an experienced plumber may cost more it is worth it in the end to assure the job is done correctly and they don’t have to come back to fix a mistake.

3. The Cost Shouldn’t Break the Bank

Most plumbing companies offer a free estimate before they start working, or before they take on a contract. So, make sure that you ask what the total estimate includes before the plumber begins fixing the problem. Ask if materials are included in the estimate, along with labour costs and what it would cost if any more problems will be discovered during the repair. Don’t forget to ask the plumber when they expect to be paid for the job. Some plumbers expect payment upon completion of the job, whereas others want to be paid after each task completion based on the time the task took to complete.


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