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The desire of Proven Plumbing's owner to provide the best service possible inspired him to step out and create a company based on his values – great service and exceptional skill. He's worked hard to set himself apart from the competition.

Emil Dominiak, Master Plumber – A Passion for Keeping the Highest Level of Personal Service at the Center of the Company

Emil prides himself on consistency and reliability. He’s our Master Plumber, broadly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry. He has experience in commercial, residential, new-builds, renovations and repairs. His passion is for you, the customer. You can see his exceptional talent, attention-to-detail and care in his work and throughout the company.

Thank to Emil’s hands on approach, and attention to the things that make a difference to you, you’ll always get exceptionally high quality service from Proven Plumbing.


We Know We Can Rely on Proven Plumbing...
“My husband and I have had the pleasure of dealing with Proven Plumbing on multiple occasions. Every time the service was professional, timely and reasonably priced. We had multiple plumbing issues at our rental property and every time the guys were able to fix the problem in a timely manner. Our tenant was very satisfied with the repairs. A few weeks ago (winter time) our house water heater broke. At that time our son was only a few days old and being sleep deprived the last thing we wanted is to deal with having only cold water. We knew we can rely on Proven Plumbing and so we called them and explained our situation. That same day Proven Plumbing were able to diagnose the problem, source parts, and fix the water heater.” Katerina M.

Timely, Tidy, and We Were Informed the Whole Way...
Proven plumbing did a fantastic job, made sure it was done in a timely fashion. The work area was left clean. I was kept informed of the progress as well. Will be using them for all future plumbing.” Derek M.

Skilled and Fairly Priced...
“Proven Plumbing have proven themselves to me. They did what others said couldn't be done, and at a very fair price.” Myrna S.

Looking for the fastest and most reliable plumbing company Calgary has to offer? Give us a call!


7 Things To Consider When Hiring A Plumber

Plumbing issues occur more frequently than you would imagine in everyday life so that’s why it’s a smart idea to have a skilled plumber you can trust. Of course, some small plumbing problems can be fixed yourself, but the bigger issues require a contracted plumbers’ attention. Consider these things when deciding to hire a plumber...

1. The Plumber You Hire Should Be Licensed

Along with being licensed the plumber most also be insured and bonded. Their license number should be clearly displayed on their vehicle as well as mentioned in advertisements. The license ensures that they are a qualified and genuine plumber. Always hire a plumber from a reputable plumbing company like Proven Plumbing because they will be more likely to provide service if a plumbing emergency should arise.

2. Experience Is Key with Any Plumber

Just because a plumber has a license, does not mean they are well experienced. The more experience, the better because it shows the quality skills they posses to get the job done with not only efficiency, but quality. Although an experienced plumber may cost more it is worth it in the end to assure the job is done correctly and they don’t have to come back to fix a mistake.

3. The Cost Shouldn’t Break the Bank

Most plumbing companies offer a free estimate before they start working, or before they take on a contract. So, make sure that you ask what the total estimate includes before the plumber begins fixing the problem. Ask if materials are included in the estimate, along with labour costs and what it would cost if any more problems will be discovered during the repair. Don’t forget to ask the plumber when they expect to be paid for the job. Some plumbers expect payment upon completion of the job, whereas others want to be paid after each task completion based on the time the task took to complete.

4. Do They Offer a Guarantee or Warranty?

It is better to choose a plumbing company that offers a guarantee on their work, or at least a warranty if the initial repair/replacement should fail. This way you won’t have to pay out of your pocket should any problems come up after the job is don. Ensure the length of the guarantee or warranty is an appropriate length of time for the materials used or the work done based on the life span of the materials.

5. A Fast Response Time

If you have a plumbing emergency, you want to be able to rely on a plumber to come to your home fast to fix the problem almost immediately. Burst pipes, a backed-up shower and no hot water are just some plumbing emergencies that require immediate attention to get back to your everyday life. When you call Proven Plumbing, you can rest assured we dispatch an experienced plumber as soon as possible to come to your home to fix the problem and get your house back to normal.

6. Will They Need Any Permits or Parts Before Coming to The House?

Not all plumbers carry all the necessary equipment, or parts in their van always so before you decide to choose a plumber ask if they will need any permits or parts before and who will be paying for the travel time to get them if they don’t. Otherwise the plumber may need to make visits to the hardwood store or elsewhere to obtain the proper permits and they may include that in the total cost of the job.

7. Ask for Referrals from People You Know

The best way to find a trusted plumbing company is through the people you already know. This way you can be sure of costs, quality of work and their response time. Word of mouth is by far the most effective way to find a plumber that you will trust to get the job done right the first time.
Take these key points into consideration when hiring a plumber. Ask questions and do your research before making a final call.