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Clogged drains can have many different causes ranging from venting, shifted pipes, corrosion, tree roots, and even problems on the city's end. Emil have seen it all and know how to quickly identify the problem for a quick and accurate fix. Whether it's your garburator/insinkerator, clogged toilet, sink or a smelly shower drain we can solve your problem.

We Keep Smelly Drains from Scaring You and Your Guests Away

Is your kitchen sink, bathroom sink or shower smelling strange lately? Plumbing pipes create an S or P shape to form a water trap, holding water in strategic places to protect the home from sewer smells. When the waste trap gets clogged with hair, toiletries, soap, sludge, etc., it may smell like you're breathing sewer fumes, but it's most likely decomposing hair, skin or products that got trapped in your pipes. Gross, right? We carry the right tools as specialized cleaning agents that effectively get rid of the source of the smell for you. Call us today for all your drain cleaning needs.

Leave Your Clogged Toilet Mystery to Proven Plumbing, There Are Some Things Only They Need to See

There's no question that clogged toilets are an inconvenience. They're also a problem that homeowners don't need to deal with. Build up can happen over time. If a simple plunging doesn't do the trick (or if you don't even want to try that), call us. Diaper wipes, dental floss, cotton products, hot wheels and Lego are just a few of the things that cause clogged toilets. Let us discover your reason so you don't have to. No mess or visuals needed, we promise.

smelly clogged drains

Your Kitchen Sink Drains Work Hard, Keep Them Clear with Proper Drain Cleaning

Grease, fat, tiny pieces of food you thought you scraped out of the pot – they all play a role in creating smelly kitchen drains and clogged pipes. The particles work together to create a hard, almost impenetrable sludge that stops water flow and leaves food above the water trap to decompose and stink you out of your home. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell which pipe is causing the trouble. That's why it's a good idea to call Proven Plumbing. They're experts at clearing out your drains for faster, bigger water flow and eliminating the stinky fumes.

Proven Plumbing Takes Complicated Vent and Slope Problems and Turns Them into Drain Cleaning Solutions

Vents, located throughout your house and plumbing system, create smooth water flow and prevent gurgling, inefficient drainage. Whether it's gulp valves that need to be adjusted to keep your sewer gasses out and air venting for proper water flow, or slope problems, the technicians at Proven Plumbing know what to look for, how to fix the problem, and how to create better flow for fewer problems in the future.

Call Emil Today and Keep Your Hands Free of Slimy Drain Residue

If you've ever attempted a drain cleaning, or perhaps just an earring-hunting mission, you know drains are slimy creatures. Blockages, and the sludge and residue that cause them, add to it. Not only do the technicians at Proven Plumbing know the proper way to clean your drains, they don't mind the slime.

We Keep the Best Parts and Tools in our Trucks so You Aren't Left Waiting for the Basics

We carry a great range of popular supplies to minimize your service time. We also know, and use the best brands and parts so you don't have to worry about second hand or faulty parts causing more problems down the road.

Our Warranty Is DOUBLE the Minimum on Parts AND Labour

This is just another way we strive to provide Calgary the best plumbing service possible. We stand behind our parts and our work with one of the best warranties in the industry.

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