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When You Call Proven Plumbing for Appliance Installation You Speak Directly to a Master Plumber and a Certified Gas Fitter – You Get the Right Answers Fast

Appliance Installation can require a professional plumber or gasfitter. You reach both when you call us, no middleman needed. You get experienced, efficient service from the owner – Emil, master plumber.By hiring Proven Plumbing for your installation needs, you know you're covering all the bases. Whether it's a gas stove, sump pump, furnace, faucet, or a garburator, we can do it.

Safe Appliance Installation – We Get the Job Done Without Damaging Your New Appliance, Counter Top, Plumbing or Gas Lines

Whether it's a kitchen or bathroom renovation or upgrade, you want your new appliance fitted properly. No need to worry about installing that new gas range, fireplace or BBQ, we can handle all your appliance installations for you. We're fully qualified and experienced. We know how to protect your plumbing systems, counter tops, floors and furniture from damage. We can even install a new gas line if needed.

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Water softeners – Saving Your Hair, Appliances, and Plumbing

Hard water isn't just tough on your skin and hair, it's hard on your appliances and plumbing too. It can make expensive dishwashers, furnaces and faucets break much faster than they normally would. Plus, it makes showers and tubs harder to clean because of the scum build-up it leaves behind. Modern softeners are efficient, small and use sodium or potassium to keep your water free from the calcium, bicarbonates, sulfates and magnesium that make water hard. Call us today for all your water softener repair and installation needs.

Water Filtration Installation, Keeping Your Drinking Water Safe

The right water filtration system can remove sediment, reduce minerals that cause unpleasant tasting water, filter pathogens like harmful bacteria and parasites so they don't make us sick, lower chlorine, and remove lead, chemicals and pesticides from our water. You want one now, don't you? Of course you do. The above list highlights how important having a water filtration system is. Talk to us today about the different systems that are available and which is right for your family.

Garburators/Insinkerators Made Easy With Professional Installation

Whether you call it a garburator, insinkerator or kitchen garbage disposal, Proven Plumbing will know what you're talking about. We've done our research and know what the best models on the market are. Plus, we will give you easy tips to keep your garburator working efficiently, like don't put potato peels, coffee grinds, or eggshells down your disposal. Call us for all your garburator needs – repair, replacement or installation.

Protect Your Basement Reno and Storage with a Sump Pump

There are a number of reasons the water table below your house can rise. Installing a sump pump is the best way to limit or prevent water damage. Even if you haven't had water damage in the past, if your basement is finished or you store valuable items in your basement, a sump pump is an inexpensive way to insure the safety of your property. Whether you choose a pedestal or submersible sump pump, we can install and service any type or brand. Call us today to discuss the different options for your basement protection needs.

Keep Your Family and Property Safe with Professional Gas Line Installations

Emil will take care of all your gas appliance needs, including backyard gas lines for BBQ's, hot tubs, pools and fire pits. He'll find the best line to attach to, whether it's another gas line, your furnace room or direct to the gas meter. He can easily identify if there are inefficient builder-grade gas lines that can't handle the load. He will replace or work around them and discuss the options and benefits with you. His technique keeps your lines safe and out of sight to maximize your home's esthetics.

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