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You Have a Direct Line to the Professionals When You Call Proven Plumbing

Calling a plumber can be frustrating. They're either hard to get a hold of or the phone is answered by an answering service/administrator. You want speedy, knowledgeable answers right away. That's why you have a direct line to Emil.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing with NO Emergency Fee 

You don't need to wait until office hours to call Proven Plumbing. There are no extra 'emergency' fees. Call us as soon as you notice a problem. Not only do we want you to have the convenience of 24/7 plumbing services, we also want to save you any unnecessary damages from leaving the problem for the next day.

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We Inspect First to Find and Fix the Root Cause of the Problem, Preventing Unnecessary Service Bills

Our extensive experience means we know where to look when you have a plumbing problem. Our desire to be the best plumbers in Calgary means we not only keep our skills sharp so we can be quick, but we're also thorough. We won't do a quick drain snake without checking the other possibilities. We're so confident in our abilities, we offer double the industry warranty on our labour.

State-of-the-Art Camera Inspection Means We Don't Miss a Thing, Saving You Time and Money

Plumbing can be tricky. Build-up, angles and slope can draw the eye to an issue that needs to be changed or fixed, but might not be the cause of your immediate problem. With our video detection, we cover all the basics. Not only will you get the solution to your problem, but we'll know if there are any warning signs of future problems.

Stop Leaky Pipes Before They Cause Extensive Water Damage or Mold

A small leak isn't something to ignore. Even in Calgary's climate, water doesn't evaporate as fast as it needs to to prevent mold and mildew. A small leak can quickly develop into a much bigger problem, causing burst pipes and extensive water damage. As soon as you notice a leak, call Proven Plumbing for a quick fix with straightforward pricing.

Frozen Pipes? Let Emil Replace Your Frozen Hose Bibs So You Can Enjoy the Sprinkler This Summer with the Kids

Forgetting to remove and empty the hose connector to your house is very common. The water freezes over winter and the expansion and cold cracks the hose bib. It can cause water damage in your basement and prevent you from using your exterior hose. Call us today to replace it and take care of the damage so you can wash your car, water the lawn and shower the dog outdoors this summer.

Need Your Garburator/Insinkerator Repaired or Replaced? Call Proven Plumbing for Fast, Experienced Service

Has your garburator been acting funny, giving off a bad smell or not working at all? Call us for your insinkerator/garburator repair or replacement. We will not only fix your problem but we'll make sure it's installed right so it doesn't happen again. We know our kitchen garbage disposal units and we'll help you use them more efficiently so you can enjoy them instead of dread them. 

3 Quick Garburator tips:

  • Don’t put potato peels, eggshells or coffee grinds in your garburator
  • Do regularly put lemon peels in your garburator to keep your drains smelling fresh
  • Do put baking soda in your drain, then pour hot vinegar down to regularly clean them

We Install Water Filtration Systems Designed for Your Family's Unique Usage

As similar as we all are, we're also very unique. The amount of water we drink from the tap vs. buying bottled water, the number of people (including guests) in our homes, and the number of showers we take vary from household to household. Proven Plumbing technicians are experts in home water-filtration systems and softeners. We can help identify which system is right for your home or repair and maintain the one you use now.

General Maintenance Prevents Emergency Repair and Unnecessary Damage to Your Home

Proven Plumbing offers an extensive inspection and maintenance program for your entire plumbing system. It's an efficient and cost effective way to prevent emergency plumbing service and damages. We check all your pipes, connectors, vents, toilets, showers/tubs and sinks for maximum efficiency and identify any potential problem areas so you know if there's anything to watch for.

Backflow Prevention and Installation that Keeps Your Water Clean and Healthy for Safe Drinking and Appliance Use

We examine, repair and install or replace the backflow prevention units in your home. Backflow happens when your plumbing flows the wrong way – in instead of out. The wrong flow, or interruption in flow, can cause toxins to enter your water system so they are very important to maintain. This is another area we check in our regular maintenance process. If you think you may have a backflow plumbing problem, call us today.

Straight Forward Pricing Takes the Stress Out of Calling a Plumber

Worried about pricing? You don't have to with Proven Plumbing. We offer straight forward, competitive prices on all our services. You'll never be surprised at the end of the job with our up-front prices.

2-Year Warranty on Parts and Labour – Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We're so confident in our abilities to accurately diagnose and solve your plumbing problems that we offer twice the industry standard on most parts and labour.

Reasons to choose Proven Plumbing Ltd.

Looking for the most reliable and efficient plumbing services in Calgary? Give us a call!