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Boiler systems often seem complicated, because they can be. When you call Proven Plumbing, you reach the professionals for your boiler repair and replacement questions. Whether you want to know all the details on in floor radiant heating, heated driveways or boiler repairs, or just talk to us about the best options for you, we’re here for you. Call us today.

In Floor Radiant Heating - Efficiently and Evenly Heating Your Home and Your Toes

In floor radiant heating is a quiet, efficient heating system. It’s a great option for many types of flooring if done properly. For instance, hardwood and some engineered wood flooring will need an extra safety layer to protect the floors. It can even be installed under carpet, but carpet can act as an insulator, meaning you will need to keep the temperature up higher than with other flooring types. Talk to us today about your in floor heating options.








Keep Your Driveway Clear of Ice and Snow with a Heated Driveway

Do you ever wake up after a late April snow fall and relax because you know the afternoon sun will take care of the messy white stuff? Imagine waking up every day of winter knowing you don’t have to shovel or put down salt. Perhaps you don’t like using salt because it’s hard on your pup’s paws - whatever the reason - heated driveways are a great way to make winter that much better. Call Proven Plumbing for a quote. You can enjoy the freedom of not having to shovel your driveway or walkways next winter.

Boiler Installation and Replacements That Boost Your Home’s Efficiency by 4-10%

If your boiler is over ten years old, chances are you would save money by switching to a more efficient unit. Energy Star rated boilers see an improvement in energy savings of 4% for oil fueled boilers and 10% for natural gas fueled boilers. Not only will a modern boiler save you money, older boilers were made much larger than necessary for our home heating needs. Because of this, they can take up needed space and cost much more money in their usage fees than is necessary. Talk to us today about the options to replace your boiler.

Boiler Efficiency Tips:

  • Insulate your hot water pipes
  • Seal your hot-air ducts
  • Keep the water level in the expansion tank correct
  • Use a heat reflector behind radiators
  • Blow out the water from your radiators semi-annually
  • Install a time delay relay for energy savings up to 10%

We Aim to Provide the Best Boiler Repair Calgary Has with Our Extensive Knowledge and Exceptional Service

Boilers can be a great option for any number of locations, including residential housing. There are a number of ways boiler efficiency has been improved recently. Newer boilers use a different combustion technology, gaining more heat from less fuel. They also use sealed combustion for a reduction in draft, meaning they use outside air to fuel the burner. These are just two ways boilers can be improved. Talk to us today about improving or replacing your boiler. After all, 63% of your home’s energy bill is due to space heating so it’s an important area to keep up-to-date.

Boiler Troubles? Our Experienced and Trusted Plumbers Will Quickly Find the Root of the Problem So It’s Fixed Quick

Our extensive knowledge means we can diagnose the root of the problem quickly. You won’t waste time and money on the symptoms. Whether it’s a propane, gas, electric or oil fueled boiler, we know our stuff. We’re certified and licensed plumbers and gasfitters bringing you the best combination of industry knowledge for all your boiler repair needs.

Fixed Prices Mean You Won’t Be Left with Any Surprises on Your Bill

We pride ourselves on accurate estimates, meaning you won’t end up with unexpected costs. If a new recommendation or problem arises, we will always discuss your options with you. You’ll never be surprised when the bill arrives.

We Carry All the Necessary Tools with Us So Your Repair is Done Quickly and Properly

Heat is essential to our lives, especially here in Calgary. Even in the summer, no one wants to take a freezing cold shower. To keep your service time down and get your boiler back up and running as quickly as possible, we stock many of the necessary parts and tools right in our trucks. Plus, we make sure we carry the best quality brands, bringing you value every way we can.

Take the Stress Off Your Boiler Trouble with Our 2-Year Warranty – It’s One of The Best in The Industry

We take the worry off hiring the wrong boiler repair person with our warranty program. We offer double the industry minimum with two-years on most parts and labour. We want to make sure you’re satisfied, not just before we walk out your door but for years to come.

We Offer Great Financing Options to Ensure You Get the Work Done When You Need It

There’s no question that sometimes we need financing to take care of the unforeseen issues. We don’t want you to be left in the cold so we offer a great financing option. Whether you’re installing a new boiler for radiant in floor heating or driveway heating, or your current boiler needs repairs – we offer great financing options.

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