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Get Faster Answers When You Call Us – Talk Directly to Our Gasfitter For Your Furnace Repair Needs

Wondering what that clunking noise in your furnace is? Have you noticed that your home takes longer to heat than it used to? Perhaps your energy bills have gone up and you're looking for ways to get your furnace running more efficiently. Whatever your furnace question is, call us. We have years of furnace repair experience and are happy to help.

You Get a Master Plumber and a Certified Gasfitter/Plumber, Covering All Your Furnace Repair or Replacement Needs

Furnaces cover a lot of industry areas. Putting one in, or servicing and repairing one can turn tricky. Why not hire the guys who cover all the angles? We'll save you money with our combined, extensive knowledge. No need to hire multiple companies!

You Get the Best Bang For Your Buck With Affordable, Reliable Ameristar Furnaces

We carry Ameristar because we think it's the best. Ameristar is made by the same makers as Trane Furnaces, they use the same quality parts and run as well as the more expensive brands. Canada's requirements for Annual Fuel Utility Efficiency (AFUE) are now at 90%. Ameristar furnaces are rated at 95% AFUE, meaning you have even better heating efficiency.

Ameristar Furnaces:

  • 95% AFUE
  • Variable Speed for Consistent Heat
  • Natural Gas or Propane Installation
  • 10-Year Registered Limited Warranty
  • Aluminum Heat Exchangers for the most Efficient Heat Conduction 
  • Galvanized Steel to Protect Against Corrosion

We Inspect and Seal Ducts, Saving You Up To 15-20% Energy Loss

Leaky ducts can lose 15-20% of the air that goes through them. This is a huge energy-savings potential if you use forced-air. There are products that seal even the hard to access ducts. Not only will this save you on energy bills, it will also stop excess dust and dirt from entering your ducts and being blown throughout your home. Call us today for a duct inspection and quote.

We Are Skilled and Experienced in Properly Diagnosing the Root of the Problem So You Aren't Wasting Time and Money on Guesswork

Our extensive experience and certifications cover all the bases of furnace repair and replacement. We properly install, service and repair all types of furnaces. We've seen it all, so we know what to look for. Common or uncommon, the problem doesn't get past us.

You Won't Worry About the Final Cost with Our Upfront, Thorough Estimates

We know how stressful it is to call a tradesperson. You wonder if the bill will be close to the estimate, if your work will get done properly, and a number of other things. We work hard to take the stress away with accurate and fair estimates.

We Carry the Right Furnace Repair Tools and Parts so You Don't Have to Wait for Shipping

Our experience doesn't just help us in the repair or replacement work itself, it helps us know which parts and tools are the best. We carry top quality brands and many of the most common parts so you aren't left waiting for deliveries. We promise to provide the more efficient and effective furnace repair Calgary has to offer.

We Offer Financing – You Won't Be Left Out in the Cold Because of an Unexpected Furnace Repair

Sometimes life throws us problems we aren't financially prepared for, but they still need to be fixed. You can't be left with a cold house or building with our winters. We offer a financing option for those situations.

 Reasons to choose Proven Plumbing Ltd.

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